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High precision SKH55 steel hardend shoulder punch with cylindrical head, standard punch similar to ISO 8020 B
High precision cutting piercing die bushes, special shaped die button with key flat for stamping  mold parts
High precision wire cutting square punch with laser marking, custom punch die for BMW automotive mold parts
High precision hardened steel die bushes with carbide insert,  tungsten carbide steel  round die button with inner supper polished inner hole
High precision special bottle neck punch with TICN coating, Fibro standard punch with countersunk head for press die mold tooling
High precision piercing punch with cylindrical head,  HSS steel hardened steel straight punch for cold heading die mold parts
High precision square shaped punch with cylindrical head,  speical forming punch with TIN coating
High precision shaped piercing punch similar to ISO 8020 B, customzied wire EDM forming punch for stamping mold tools
High precision oblong die buttons with cylindrical head, special oblong die bushing with head key flat, high speed steel hardened oblong cutting die buttons
High precision forming punch with cylindrical head, special shaped piercing punch with TICN coating